Our Message and Our Goal

Our Message

Instead of yelling at each other left and right, we need to enter into a dialogue in order to live together peacefully in a society filled with different opinions. We can and must talk about a lot of things, but we have to do it in a language that respects the dignity of everyone involved. A true dialogue only works if everyone uses respectful language. Human beings are human beings. You cannot call them anything else. We need to understand each other and do everything we can to maintain the integrity of our society and what it stands for: a compromise between security and freedom with which everyone can live.

We must openly agree on the fact that the dignity of human beings is inalienable. That applies to every human being. And human rights are not negotiable. People in need of protection need to be protected. It is universal. People in mortal danger must be saved. If the alternative to saving dying people means their death, it is not an alternative we can discuss. The rule of law must be predictable and reliable. And that law may not be bypassed, bent or broken.
We can only enter into a constructive dialogue and move forward in the question of how our coexistence can succeed if we respect these principles. What do we have to do for it? What must we demand in order to get it?

Our Goal

We want the debate about refugees and migration to be guided once again with respect for the people affected by it, a debate that we must also carry on with them.

We want to return to the conversation about the essential things that will help us get along together in this country.

We want to ignite a Germany-wide, better yet a European-wide discussion.

We want to involve in the dialogue all organizations and initiatives that stand up for human rights. We want to involve all denominations and religions. We want to keep party politics out of it.